Why You Should Think About Moving to La Cresta, California

 La Cresta Real Estate - Why You Should Think About Moving to La Cresta, California

The inviting climate and incomparable scenery convince many to make California their home. With mild winters and comfortable year-round temperatures, southwestern California is a premier destination for luxury properties. Choosing a new home in the area can be challenging with so many options, but the La Cresta homes for sale should be on the top of your list. Located on the Santa Rosa Plateau, La Cresta offers exceptional ranch homes in close proximity to the heart of wine country. Before spending time looking at other neighborhoods, you should examine what awaits you in La Cresta.

A Climate of Its Own

The Santa Rosa Plateau is about 1000 feet above the cities of Murrieta and Temecula. La Cresta residents benefit from the higher elevation and enjoy a microclimate much different from the conditions in the cities below. Breezes from the coast, located less than twenty miles away, cool down the plateau and provide soothing afternoon relief on a warm summer day. The temperature in La Cresta is typically 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the temperature in the valley. In the winter, the plateau is cooler but rarely experiences a hard freeze or snow.

Spectacular Scenery

The surrounding landscape in Murrieta provides breathtaking views for La Cresta residents. La Cresta is a short distance from the Santa Rosa Ecological reserve, and nearby Palomar Mountain, Mount Baldy and Mount San Jacinto provide an incomparable backdrop for gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. You can explore the hiking trails in the reserve or head north to enjoy the serenity of the Cleveland National Forest. If you head west, you can spend a day at the beach enjoying the cool waters of the Pacific ocean. Whichever direction you face on the plateau, you’ll see unforgettable natural beauty.

Vineyards and Orchards

After UC Davis established a test vineyard on the Santa Rosa Plateau in 1975, winemaking became a way of life in the region. The elevation, humidity and temperature are well-suited for growing red grapes, and wine experts agree that Santa Rosa produces world-class wine. Several residents grow grapes for the vineyards and a few even produce wine in their backyards. However, big tour buses loaded with winetasters are not a problem at La Cresta. Wine tastings are by appointment only on the plateau, and you don’t have to worry about large crowds or traffic disrupting the serenity.

La Cresta’s community also grows several varieties of fruits and vegetables on the plateau. Orchards and vineyards are a welcoming sight when you take a morning or afternoon jog around the neighborhood.

Outdoor Adventures

If you love the outdoors, La Cresta is the home for you. The Santa Rosa Ecological Reserve provides miles of hiking, horse and bike trails, and it only takes two minutes to enter the reserve from the entrance to La Cresta. Equestrians enjoy a vast network of horse trails through the reserve and in Cleveland National Forest.

Your New Home in La Cresta

If you’re interested in living in a luxury home on a five-acre parcel surrounded by mountain chains and vineyards, you can contact a La Cresta Real Estate agent to find an extraordinary dwelling like no other.