Why Realtors Recommend Staging Professionals To Help Sell Luxury Homes Quickly

La Cresta Real Estate - Why Realtors Recommend Staging Professionals To Help Sell Luxury Homes Quickly

Realtors who know how to sell million dollar homes must market them to a small pool of potential buyers who are happy to wait until their perfect home hits the market or construct one that suits their needs. These real estate professionals also understand the importance of staging to facilitate a quick sale.

Why Staging Matters

Staging is the process of preparing a property to sell. It involves using furniture and decorative items to convey the lifestyle a home’s potential purchaser can attain. The goal is to show off a property’s most desirable features, dazzle potential buyers, and leave them with a positive emotional impression.

How To Sell Million Dollar Homes Using Effective Staging

Staging is key to selling a luxury home quickly, and the process is different for every home. Realtors collaborate with staging experts to emphasize a home’s positive features and downplay its less desirable ones using these effective techniques.

  • They remove window obstructions. A buyer looking at homes in Malibu is likely to value ocean views, whereas someone searching in Sonoma may prefer to look out onto mountains. In either case, one pleasure of owning a luxury home is taking advantage of the spectacular views. Staging experts avoid obstructing windows with furniture and remove window treatments to ensure buyers appreciate a view’s full impact.
  • They promote a lifestyle. Staging experts consider the entire package they want to sell when selecting furnishings and arranging them to suit purchasers’ requirements. For example, families with young children may appreciate a Bel-Air home with a cozy eat-in kitchen and pint-sized eating nook that looks out onto a sprawling, enclosed backyard characteristic of many homes in the community. Alternatively, an LA business executive may respond well to a house that has a large outdoor patio with a comfortable dining table and striking city views, along with a soundproof private office that can accommodate advanced technology and in-person meetings.
  • They turn negatives into positives. Professionals who know how to sell million-dollar homes are masters at helping buyers see the potential in any home. Sometimes, a home may be perfect for someone except for one feature that could get in the way of closing a deal. In such instances, a stager’s ingenuity can go a long way. For example, a talented stager can distract clients from noticing the size of a small master bedroom in Beverly Hills by enticing them with a luxuriously conceived napping room situated off the bedroom on a balcony with spectacular city and ocean views.
  • They avoid over-personalization. When it comes to staging a home, real estate professionals help potential buyers to envision themselves living in it by not leaving too many of a seller’s private possessions on display. Instead, stagers replace these with items that strike a balance between exciting and neutral. For instance, staging a home in southern California’s La Cresta community could involve replacing family photos on a wall with paintings or prints that evoke the equestrian history of the home’s location.

Speak with the knowledgeable realtors at La Cresta Real Estate who know how to sell million dollar homes and find out why proper staging is the key to selling your luxury home quickly.