Where is La Cresta? What is La Cresta Life?

Hey y’all. Welcome back to La Cresta life.

This is the place where you’re going to learn all about La Cresta on the Santa Rosa Plateau. Stay tuned and we’ll tell you all about it.

So, La Cresta and the communities of the Santa Rosa Plateau. There are five HOA’s and one Community Service District. Every single parcel up here is at least 5 Acres. We all have space, we all have open skies, and we act as if we’re all one big community. We have a ton of social activities. We love animals–so there are a lot of horses, horse ranches, and a lot of other animals. We also have view properties and luxury properties.  So there is really a beautiful mix of super fancy properties and then kind of ranchy properties and everything in between. But the beauty of it is we all come and go and appreciate each other because we’re all living this kind of La Cresta life together and no one’s afraid to get to prissy and get their hands dirty.

We have a lot of fun. We work hard, we play hard, and we’re all pretty consistent about loving life on the Santa Rosa plateau.

We are just a few minutes from town which is right down the hill and only 15-20 minutes away. There you can find major grocery stores, a boutique grocery store, pretty good restaurants, and a freeway, which gets you pretty much everywhere between LA, San Diego, Orange County, Palm Springs, and Big Bear. You are only an hour to an hour and a half to all of those places and only 45 minutes to Ontario Airport, which is a pretty great airport. We are right in the hub, tucked in the mountains where Riverside County meets Orange County.  We are this secret little pocket and we do have a lot of fun. We have all of the amenities of town–stores, restaurants, and really great hospitals.

We also have the Cleveland National Forest on one side, we are buffered by 220,000 acres of Camp Pendleton on another side, and 9,000 acres of Ecological Reserve on the other side. So we’re basically a lollipop. The street that comes up off the freeway takes you up the mountain and then it expands into the circle of ranches. We are a Ranch Community at the top of this little bubble and we’re immune to traffic, street lights, and all the things that make you crazy. We come out at to our homes and we just breathe. We have all of this natural wonder with all of the conveniences of town. These 5-acre minimum properties are a slice of heaven for you, your animals, and it’s super cool. So come on down. I’ll show you properties anywhere you want up here anytime. Give me a call.