What Cowboy Activities are there in La Cresta?

Hey y’all. Welcome back to La Cresta life.

Today, we’re going to talk about what cowboys and cowgirls do up here on the hill.

We have a club up here called the Santa Rosa Plateau Riding Club. It’s open to Residents who ride and those who don’t ride. I haven’t had horses up here in my whole 19 years after growing up with them in Texas, but I’m welcome. Everybody is welcome and it’s a wonderful club to join because you have at least two events a month that you can attend. One as a potluck, and the other is an organized lunch, after the folks who do ride come in from the trails. So it’s a great way to hang with the neighbors. One of the events is at night and one is in the day and it’s a lovely way to get to know your neighbors in a different way.

A couple weeks ago the Riding Club riders went on a trail ride and they came back to the organized lunch. Typically they’re catered. So you just RSVP and pay your fee. The folks who ride come back in from the trails and we all sit down to lunch. At the last luncheon, the hostess and host (moves around every month) organized a sorting event. So we all finished our lunches and went up to their arena that had been partitioned off so that they could do the sorting event. We sat in their little grandstands that they had made and our local friends and neighbors who wanted to participate and sort were invited to do that. Some had never done it and some were pros, but such a fun event and makes you just feel like you are at dude ranch. It was just wonderful.

I hope you enjoy the scenery of some that happening. Those are friends and neighbors. In fact, one of the clips of the sorting is the owner of the insurance company that I do all of my insurance with – Winchester Insurance in Murrieta. She and her husband are on horses, and it’s just a delight to see people that you normally see in a different way, doing something completely different. So I hope you enjoy that.

In summary, we neighbors have learned, and we all cultivate the idea, that we do not have to go off of our Plateau, out of our neighborhood to have fun. We do as many fun activities as we can up here, so we don’t have to go elsewhere, and it has created a very tight community of people who may do some of the same things or not. But we all support each other. So it’s an ideal place to live if you like to be outside and we sure do.

I’ll look forward to taking you along to some of the other things that we do. We don’t always get dirty in a field. Sometimes we dress up . I’ll keep you posted along the way of the social events that we have up here on the hill.

In the meantime, it’s great to see you. Come back and join us on La Cresta Life. I’ll see you real soon.