What Are the Land Requirements To Own a Horse In Southern California?

La Cresta Real Estate - What Are the Land Requirements To Own a Horse In Southern California

Part of the beauty of life in Southern California is exploring the magnificent landscapes, and one of the best ways to do this is on horseback. Horses are wonderful companions, and they give back much more than you give them. La Cresta’s specialty is offering gorgeous horse property for sale in Southern California that provides a minimum of five acres for each home or property. A real estate agent specializing in La Cresta listings can help you find a place you will love calling home.

How Much Space do Horses Need?

The exact amount of space horses need to thrive varies for each situation and for different regions. However, experts agree that around two acres is a good minimum, though in some cases horses might do well with one acre of land. The variables include:

  • How much hay horses receive and how often it is given
  • If the land is used mainly for exercise rather than as a nutritional source
  • The number of horses sharing the land

Every horse property for sale in Southern California at La Cresta is sold with a minimum of five acres. This means that you, your horses, other pets, and wildlife will have plenty of room in which to wander, explore, and find nourishment, whether physical or spiritual. The sunny mornings, mild temperatures, and peaceful, quiet nights under a clear, star-studded sky take the quality of life to a higher level here. If you are looking for a forever home, you need to explore La Cresta.

What Makes La Cresta Special?

La Cresta is on the Santa Rosa Plateau, rising 2000 feet above the valley below. Los Angeles is within one hours’ drive, the coast is 20 miles away, and the nearest town of Murrieta is only 15 minutes distant. Yet La Cresta residents relish the unspoiled, natural world around them. In La Cresta, you can own horses and pets and savor the wonder of wildlife. In this special community, horses, pets, people, and wildlife coexist peacefully.

Homes at La Cresta

The horse properties for sale in Southern California at La Cresta include both finished homes and desirable, spacious plots of land on which you can construct your own creation. Each finished residence is spacious yet private, with some built in the style of Spanish villas and others resembling ranch homes. The plots of land offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the valley below. At La Cresta, there are no bad views or poor locations. Everywhere you turn, there is beauty.

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