TIPS: Listing Photoshoot Day

Hey y’all. Welcome back to La Cresta life!

For all of you listing clients out there, this is one of the most critical things that we do. We hire professional photographers to get drone, video, still shots, and make your home look wonderful. Let’s go inside.

We got a little lucky on this one. We happen to have a homeowner who is absolutely impeccable and her design is amazing. Her aesthetic is just gorgeous and she’s obviously a very neat and tidy person, so I didn’t have to do a lot. But not everybody lives like this. So, our services include coming in and doing a walk-around, if you’ve got some questions about what should be left, edited or staged. If there are some things we can move around and make it look a little bit more appealing to the masses, that’s certainly something that we do. In this case didn’t have to do it. Love this house!

But, I also love the challenge of co-creating with our clients and reimagining their space that they lived in for a long time. So definitely something that we offer, so don’t be afraid of that part of this.

How do we make it work? We hire the best. Hey, Nick, you’re the best. He is a wonderful photographer. He always makes us look good. We adore him.

Notice behind me that there are pictures on the wall. Those are not family. They’re not children. They’re not pictures of your family that strangers shouldn’t see. In my opinion, strangers don’t have the right to look at your family. They have to earn that right ,and I think when you put your house on the market, if you really are serious and you’re going to be moving anyway, just go ahead and pack up the pictures. If needed, replace them with some things that are not your family. You’re trying to set up an environment where people can imagine their own family, and pictures of your family only distract from that. So try to neutralize that by using photos and pictures that are not really really private to you. I know it’s hard because you want your pictures on the wall, but you’re going to be moving anyway. Take your time go through the house, get them all tidied up. Put them in a box because, if you do it, right, you’re going to sell your house. Hopefully we’re going to sell your house! And you’re going to need those pictures at your next home anyway.

I’m often asked if the homeowner should be home on the day of the photographs ,and I was just now reminded why if you can avoid it, avoid it. I just walked by a window and our photographer was outside shooting in and if I can see him, the camera can see me. So the whole day turns into a sequence of hiding from the photographer. So if you can avoid that go for a walk or a drive. It generally takes, in our case, usually 2 to 3 hours, because we’ shoot drone, video and still shots. We’re getting a video inside and outside and then we’re getting drone videos of the entire property. So it does take a little while. Go for a walk and don’t play the “Hide from the Photographer” game.

The takeaway from today’s experience is always have a great photographer, plan ahead, ask for help. We will help you make some choices on how to stage the house. Sometimes just using your own furniture and moving things around a little bit is fun and creative. We are not professional stagers, but if we need that , we will bring one in. We’ll turn all the lights on and we’ll turn all the lights off when we leave, open the window blinds and do all the things that we need to make the best shots.

So, plan ahead tidy up because it’s the first step in getting your house on the market.

Thank you so much for joining me today and breaking up my two to three hour photo shoot. I look forward to seeing you next time on La Cresta Life.