Recreational Trails

Recreational Trails

La Cresta And The Santa Rosa Plateau Communities Host Some Of The Best Horse-Riding Trails In All Of Southern California.

As many other residential equestrian areas have begun squeezing out trails over the years, this Plateau is committed to them.

All of the Property Owners Associations (POA) on the Plateau have worked well together to complete a network of recreational trails which cross POA boundaries, some of  which proceed directly into the Ecological Reserve and Cleveland National Forest.  The result is miles and miles of interconnected trails.

The trails that reside inside any of the POAs – La Cresta, La Cresta Highlands, Santa Rosa West, Santa Rosa Trails and Tenaja (Community Service District, not POA) – are open to use by residents and property owners of the Plateau.  Most of the use is horseback riding and hiking, but they are also open to bicycles.  There are no published maps.  Becoming a member of the Riding Club will facilitate your knowledge of the trail system.

Inside the Ecological Reserve, different restrictions apply.  For example, horses, bicycles and dogs are limited to one side of the Reserve, while the other side, with its historic adobes and vernal pools, is restricted to hikers.  The Reserve’s network of trails is clearly mapped and often have docents available at trailheads.  Lots of wonderful information and friendly staff are available at the Visitors Center on Clinton Keith Drive.

Suffice to say that recreational trails here are critical to the heartbeat of this equestrian community.  Whether residents ride horses or not, most are grateful for the beauty and increased property values they represent.