The Trails at the Santa Rosa Plateau

Welcome back to La Cresta Life. So far we’ve been to La Cresta, La Cresta Highlands, Santa Rosa West, and now, we’re heading to The Trails. This is the Trails and this is an HOA that I told you about and this entire area was developed all at once by a developer. So it’s just it’s basically a loop through and we’re going to drive it. Across the street on another road but it’s a pretty small part of the plateau and the uniqueness here is that it was all developed at one time and it has direct access to Sylvan Meadows that will try to get a shot of and that’s the Ecological Reserve area. It’s the one part that allows horses and dogs. So we’ll catch a glimpse of that.

Behind me is the Ecological Reserve, part of the 9,000 acres of natural that’s what you look out over there. It looks like the Serengeti.

This is known as “The Hump”. My friend Austin, is an artist and he creates these metal sculptures. You’ll see them around Tenaja, around the plateau. So this is our landmark. It’s traffic time, I’m sorry. We have very little traffic here, but work is getting out right now. So this is “The Hawk” at “The Hump”.

Thank you for hitting the trail with me at The Trails at the Santa Rosa plateau. Again, this community is the first one as you enter the communities up here. So it’s great for moms and dads that shuffle their kids up and down our good work or whatever and it’s got the beautiful Serengeti in the background, and it’s just a beautiful beautiful place to be. Again, thanks for joining me. We’ll see you next time on La Cresta Life.