Tenaja on the Santa Rosa Plateau – with the Ocean Views

Welcome back to La Cresta life. Today, we’re in Tenaja.

So we’re here in Tenaja. I’m breaking Tenaja up into two parts. This side is the southern side and it overlooks San Diego County and you can actually see the ocean which we’ll do in a minute. So what I want to talk about are these rocks. It does not percolate the water doesn’t permeates through it and therefore water stands on the top and it’s only open for evaporation. So it’s a very tricky build up here. You have to really know what you’re doing and you have to learn to navigate this terrain and some of the habitats restrictions up here. We’ve got some endangered species. But all in all we have a beautiful sight. It’s the farthest out of all of the associations. We’re on the Oceanside today next time. We’re going to be on more on the seaside than valley side, but you’re going to love some of these views wait till you see them. If you refer to the map if you can find on my website, you’ll see that we kind of all back around on to this ecological reserve. What you’re seeing in the background in one of the other episodes is 9,000 Acres total and and that’s never to be built on in this direction over here. Where a hop skip and a jump from San Diego County. So that’s going to lead you into Fallbrook through an area called you lose which is also a farming community. And then over here in a minute is the ocean. I don’t think we’re going to see the ocean today. I think what we’re going to see is a cloud layer because guess what that’s what happens on the coast out here to Sunshine’s everyday even in the morning.

Well, when you have it all, all roads lead to Wine. It is yet another Winery up here again, we’re still in that area where there’s no commercial business. It’s for private events and just another example of growing their own grapes.

Now as promised the view. Overlooking San Diego County is Mount Palomar where you’ll find the Palomar Observatory. Palomar Observatory with the largest observatory in the world for 30 years, and that’s where they spotted Halley’s comet.

Signing off from Tenaja, take a last look at San Diego County, the Pacific Ocean, and Orange County in the distance. In the next episode a little more horsey there so you should grab your boots and thanks for visiting us on La Cresta Life.