Tenaja on the Santa Rosa Plateau – the Horsey Side

Welcome back to La Cresta Life.

We’ve been to the other side of  Tenaja where you can see the ocean. Today, we’re going back to Tenaja–the horsey side.

Welcome to La Cresta life. So we’re here on the horsey side, as opposed to the ocean side that we saw the other day. Then we’re going to take a little ride and check out the beautiful horses and the beautiful equestrian landscape.

Tenaja is known for its kind of wide-open ranches, especially right here in the Tenaja valley. We’re going to go that way toward the Cleveland National Forest. There’s a trailhead there that you can hike and there’s actually a waterfall. It’s pretty famous it’s called Tenaja Falls. We’re not going to go there today, but it is a beautiful place to hike and in this wide-open valley.

You’re really having a good time up here. The hills above we have been there before, that is La Cresta highlands.

We have the Cleveland National Forest Trail system. That’s where we are right now will find it when we go to other trailheads Riverside Parks. So we’ve got kind of the best of both worlds going on at Cleveland Forest and our County Park.