Shopping near La Cresta

Hey y’all, welcome back to the La Cresta Life. Today, we are showing you some of the things down the hill, specifically we’re going to look at restaurants and grocery shopping today and you’re going to see how close they are.

So we got us a Rite Aid, we are only five minutes from down the hill and we have this adorable Shopping Center. Got lots of food coffee shop. Now, We’re turning into my favorite little store. It’s called Barron’s. It’s local there’s about like 9 locations throughout the Southern California area, but it’s where you go for your better. Cheese’s your tire quality stuff. And then we’ve got a car wash in El Pollo Loco. So this particular shopping center doesn’t have all those fine dining but their suit, there’s a yellow basket you can eat in or drive-thru. And then there’s my wonderful Barons. I have grade olive oil and all kinds of wonderful things. So now we are down at the main shopping center, which is right off of the freeway. The auto off-ramp is right behind me. You can see the marker.

This is Clinton keys. This is our big shopping center. So we have to do a lot of grocery shopping. You can come down here and go to Jack In The Box Bank down here and there’s Stater Brothers all the way back at the very end. We have a few other things like Pilates and pizza and gas. So what used to be very rural. We now have the conveniences of town. And right now I’m still only about 15 minutes from the entrance to La Cresta.

You can jump right on the freeway and then in about a half an hour while you’re at one of the big airport, so we’ve got it all. easy breezy

Well, I don’t do it very often. I came down the hill and I did it just to show you guys how easy it is to live right up those mountains right up there and scamper on down to the shopping centers and get everything you need done. Country living with the conveniences of City.

Thanks for joining me on La Cresta Life

I will see you next time.