Santa Rosa West on the Santa Rosa Rosa Plateau

Hey y’all. Welcome back to La Cresta Life. Today, We’re going to Santa Rosa West and other community here on the Santa Rosa Plateau.

Stay tuned for all the goodies.

It is so quiet out here. Santa Rosa West has a number of things that make it really special while it’s right here with the other associations. The thing that makes it different is said it’s 10-acre minimums instead of 5. So what you end up with is a little bit more sprawling spread out ranches over here. You don’t really have the Giant Oaks as much and you don’t have the giant boulders. So it lends itself really well to beautiful a horse ranches and agriculture. Behind me is a house that was purchased several years ago by a lovely family and they planted a ton of olive trees. You’ll see in the footage that I do from time to time that there’s a lot going on between grapes and olives. It’s almost replacing all of the agriculture up here and I’m going to show you this Ranch over here. This is an 80-acre horse Rehabilitation Ranch and I’ll stop out in front will look at that in a minute.

This is that Horse Rehabilitation Ranch that I told you about. Since I’ve been here since 2002, It’s been owned by a couple of people; One definitely was a rehabilitation facility and they work with thoroughbred and I’m not really sure what’s going on with it. Now the horses seem to be gone but it is for sale. It’s a beautiful property 82 acres and it has a racetrack. So we’ll get a little footage of the racetrack and let you see that too. This is a really, really special area.

Obviously agriculture is a big part of what we do up here on the Santa Rosa Plateau. grapes, grapes and more grapes. We love our wine. We love our winemakers. Behind me is a tasting room. We are not allowed to have a commercial tasting room, so they’re not open to the public, but there are several really good wine producers up here. There’s a a beautiful place to enjoy the scenery, sip on some wine and sometimes do a little dancing a little bit of music.

We are so blessed.

We have so much here, and this is just a little taste of it.

Other amazing things about our communities up here on the Santa Rosa Plateau are are the interconnecting recreational trails. They’re very horse friendly, they’re foot friendly and they’re paw friendly. They’re not motor friendly, but that’s alright. They are wonderful and they go all around this Plateau for miles and miles and miles.

Thank you for cruising Santa Rosa West with me today up here on the Santa Rosa Plateau. This is the land with a lot of rolling hills, a lot of ranches with 10-acre minimums. Like I said before a lot of room to spread your wings. We are having a blast up here and I hope you’ll join us next time, in La Cresta Life.