Restaurants near La Cresta

Hey y’all. Welcome back to La Cresta life today, I’m showing you a little bit is why I don’t generally go down the hill because I sure do love right here right here with a spectacular view of here in La Cresta that I’m going to take you down the hill and I’m going to introduce you to a couple of my favorite restaurant.

Welcome to the first of our stop in our household, It’s often asked: Do we want Italian or Mexican? I’ll show you Italian in a minute at my favorite place. And then this is my favorite or Mexican. It’s just across the freeway from when you go down the hill from La Cresta. So you cross right over the freeway and you stopped right in here at Los Reyes Mexican.

They’ve got a cute little patio great margaritas and it’s our home place for Mexican food sit down real service for years. We went without a whole lot of real service in this neck of the woods. So we’re just thrilled to have some good food choices now cuz this is my choice for Mexican.

Now we find ourselves at The Hive this is also right down the hill from La Cresta. This one is probably the closest restaurant and as you can see it’s kind of a bar and grill. So you’re going to have a little bit more of a just things on the menu and then across the street just across the street behind me is a place called this and it’s really hard to see right now, but they’ve got roll up doors kind of like those garage doors and a patio and a full bar by Peter has a full bar as well. So there is that all of this is how I’m going to say Six or seven minutes from the entrance to La Cresta. You can be sitting down nice outdoor patio having a nice drink that make great cocktails in there and then across the street as well.

Here we are getting a twofer we have. Sushi, beautiful sit down. Sushi and wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it.

The Crown Jewel right there best Angelo’s hands down my favorite place to go Brick Oven Pizza. Angelo has been here for three years and came from Sicily. He is a wonderful wonderful man, he and his wife and it’s my favorite place in the whole world give you a little shot of the inside.

Hey guys, this is Angelo, Can you at least show us your face? And then look at what he brought Al. Oh my goodness homemade cannolis cannoli for her. The best place ever!

Okay, we got lucky we get to come in really really quick just as the original location. You can actually get wonderful cheeses and meats from Italy fantastic and terrible timing for Angelo with this crazy year that we’re having but this is the new part and it’s designed for private parties and all of that. So as soon as private parties can happen again and all kinds of fun can happen again. This is where you want to be. This is the best place ever the greatest food and it’s just like family. We love it here.

Then if you got a sweet tooth there Baskin’ Robbins and it actually is a drive-through pretty dangerous.

So that’s our little down the hill Venture. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

And we are ending our tour with my favorite place home the best place to eat specially when you live in La Cresta. So thanks for joining us on our tour and look forward to seeing you guys next time on La Cresta Life.