Plateau Trail Tips

Welcome back to La Cresta life. Today, I’m going to give you the tip on the trail on the Santa Rosa plateau.

One of the most important things about the trails on the Santa Rosa Plateau is that it is for residents and invited guests only. So all the more reason to become a resident on the Santa Rosa plateau in one of the communities right now.

We’re in La Cresta and we brought her own set of rules here in La Cresta, here in this particular HOA you can be on a bicycle and on but there are no motorized allowances on any of the trails, but LCPOA, we call it will allow for bicycle.

I’ll show you some others that don’t and you got to be very mindful of what you’re doing when you’re out on the trail. We have to be very courteous of one another.

We are now in Santa Rosa West. Remember, this is the HOA that has 10-acre minimums. All the HOAs have their own rules, the trails included. For the trails at Santa Rosa West, no bicycles, horses are going to be allowed everywhere. And there are few of the HOA is up here where there are no bicycle. Got the lesson? Be mindful of the trail you’re on.

When you know your way around so you can find yourself on a trail like this one, right next to a vineyard.

We sure have some beautiful Trails here on the Santa Rosa Plateau. Right now, we’re in the Highland. This is one of the ones where there are no bicycles. So again know your rules, but once you become a resident up here and you ride these beautiful trails, there’s no place like it.

We’re so excited that you joined us today. See you next time on La Cresta Life.