Plateau Inspections Solar & Generator

Hey y’all. Welcome back to La Cresta life. My partner and I just sold this beautiful home in Santa Rosa West today. I was lucky enough to get to join the inspector. We’re going to go check out how the solars working.

So this particular home has solar PV, which is solar photovoltaic. It also has pool solar and it also has a whole house generator. I have engaged a contractor today who knows all three of those things and has agreed to give the new buyer a report on how all of these three independent systems are operating. So a huge shout out to our friends at ABC Sage. Up here on the plateau for doing this very unusual inspection for us.

Just like you want to know when you buy a house that all the systems are working including the pool equipment and all of the appliances in the home and the roof inspections are really important. It’s important that everybody has peace of mind buying one of the most important things they’ll ever buy in their lifetime. So in this case with this house having all these extras with a solar filter for the pool solar for the house and the generator. This was an important inspection for the buyer in addition to the other inspection said he had done which were the well because this is a 10-acre property and it’s got a really nicely producing well, so that was an inspection and also septic because everything on the Santa Rosa Plateau is on septic system you want to have that inspected as well.

So it’s it’s it’s a little tricky there’s a few more things extra when you buy a ranch, but if you’re in the right hands, which hello I have good hands. I can help you navigate all of that. So if you ever want to shop on the Santa Rosa Plateau, make sure you’re engaging somebody like myself that really knows this stuff. I’ll look forward to showing you around.

We’ll talk more about inspections and future episodes that for now. I’ll sign off and say thank you for joining me here on La Cresta life we’ll see you next time.