Plateau Inspections: Darn Pests

Hey y’all.

Welcome back to La Cresta life. Today, We are opening escrow and we are doing a pest inspection at one of the cutest houses. Very established Vineyard beautiful wine comes from this place and the new owners are super excited. We’re going to talk to her pest inspector and see what we can look today.

Termite inspections are an important part of the inspection process when you buy a home, we’ve got the general home inspection up here in La Cresta. We also have a septic and well if there’s a well on the property and then the termite is critical for any home buyer to know if they are buying a home that has any kind of pest situation in California. We generally have a lot of Stucco homes. Do you don’t see a lot of her might like you doing other parts of the country, but here at the inspection is still very important and there may be parts of the the home that have some wood that could be easily replace.

So usually date the damage is minimal and the repairs are pretty affordable, but it’s part of the necessary process. So here we are doing that today.

We are with Black Knight and doing a pest inspection for one of our listings and what are you looking for inside the house? I’m usually checking along the baseboard moldings and things like that. And that’s where pellets fall I’m also looking for things that completed Turnpike termite infestation fix roof leaks multigrade issues on the outside any of those kind of things. We are here with Mike from Black Knight Pest Control doing a home inspection and he is got a ladder what you can do with that ladder looking for wings termite swarm every few years after they’ve established the colony and their wings fall off and so I’ll be looking for Green’s when I’m up there when they re-infest a property after they want to leave a really fine sawdust called rasps. I’m looking for that kind of stuff still looking for subterranean termites just in case he’s made it all the way up from the attic and roof leaks plumbing leaks.

Awesome. All right, I don’t want to slow you down mic. What are you looking for now with that pole? What I’m doing is improving the exterior game and I’m poking all the rafter tail station Port starboard all the expensive wood, and I’m looking for evidence that termite or evidence of fungus damage or dry rot.

Got it. Good work. Thank you.

Thank you for joining us for our termite inspection here in La Cresta. Make it a great day, and we will see you next time on La Cresta life.