Plateau Buying: Pre-Construction

Hey y'all. Welcome back to La Cresta life!

Today, we are doing something really different. We're here at a construction site ...and it has everything to do with real estate. So stay tuned.

Wow, this real estate market is so hot in La Cresta. Jake and I have a beautiful family that's been trying to buy out here in La Cresta, and were really having a hard time finding a house that checked all the boxes . This one behind me was under construction, which we found was available to purchase pre-construction completion.

So that is what is happening here. We are under contract. Our adorable family from Orange County is making lots of finish design choices. So they almost feel like they're building a custom home from scratch,. They didn't have to do any of the hard stuff and they are getting the house of their dreams. Let's go inside.

We got lucky with this one happens to have aligned with this project just in the nick of time . As you can see the sticks are up. The roof is stacked. It's just before drywall. We've got electrical , plumbing, sprinklers. Windows were just installed . The distance between now and getting certificate of occupancy is pretty short. We are probably a month and a half maybe maybe two months away from this family being able to move in.

They are able to consult with the builder and are able to choose things like light fixtures, colors, etc. They're going to do the pool later. I'll show you where that's going to go. The builder has committed to putting in an electronic gate and fencing the five acres. A concrete drive is being installed all the way from the road to the house. He has also made some high-end choices in the kitchen, like Viking appliances. The budget was, a nice luxury budget, but our folks were in time to be able to go in and make some of their own choices, as well.

So the buyers are feeling the ownership already. They're loving coming up to La Cresta and playing homeowner while it's being done. You can see there's still a whole lot of work that needs to be done, but this process is really fun.

The kitchen is right here. The homeowners were able to work with the builder in time to make sure that the ovens and things that could be changed were adjusted. So the homeowners got what they wanted they were able to change their stove hood and move some appliances, like adding a wine fridge. They are able to call out the countertop material, call out the island color, the other cabinet colors and a lot of things that are just really feeling personalized to them. So it's an exciting and really fun house, I can't wait to come back.

This is one of the biggest changes - the Builder had really set everything up for the pool to be behind me right over here. But as it turns out it just feels a little bit tight and the new homeowners have little ones who are going to play play play. I call them "Free Range Children". They're going to have so much fun out here and not know what to do with themselves. So we had decided that the pool may need to be over here, which they will build later, after they final. That's their backyard. Can you just see the kids with their little bicycles and tumbling down and playing with their quads, and you know, all of those country lifestyle things?!

Now, that cozy up spot where the builders had the pool is going to be like a lounge area, with TV, fans and outdoor living space. The pool relocation is a real win-win.

In summary, this is a magical experience because the timing was right and the buyers are the right kind of buyers. They had looked around enough to know that buying pre-construction is something that they were going to need to open up as a possibility. So they're all in. They are all committed.

Building like this from scratch is not everyone's cup of tea, as it can be very stressful. But if you've got the stomach for it and you have the ability to jump in midstream like these folks, it can work. In this case, it really is a perfect alignment. When you can't find the house that you want, think about something like this. Jake and I can hook you up with buying the land or having the builder buy the land and go the whole soup to nuts program.

I'll sign off from here. I'm so happy to have you guys back with me on this beautiful construction project! We will see you next time on La Cresta life!

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