Nuts & Bolts…Buying Land on the Plateau

Welcome back to La Cresta life this week. We’re going to go nuts and bolts and start looking for land.

There are several things you want to look for when you’re looking for land. You want to look for Access. You just saw the road that we came in on was not paved, doesn’t mean it can’t be paved just keep in mind the associated cost with doing that.

This is another thing to be considered. This might be a blue line stream. If you have a county ordained Blue Line stream, they’re going to have you set your building set from it from a certain distance. You have to be mindful of that as well.

We’re looking at this land on this beautiful 10-acre parcel. I’m previewing it for a customer of mine and I’m going to give him the rundown on all of these things that I know to be true about buying land that is first lesson was access and potentially blue lines.

Another thing you want to look for is water. Where is the water? We have water in the street. We have fire hydrant when you’re looking at a lot, You want to know where is the nearest fire hydrant and try to measure that in your mind. So, you know how far the fire hydrant is from the house that you’re planning to build.

Next you want to look for electricity. This was a Transformer power.  The lot behind me make that one pretty valuable on this lot also, but as we learned before about water this one is a sweet spot.

So the moral of this story is when you’re looking for land. Do you want some of these? Big giant oak trees. Do you want flat and usable? Are you going to do horses? Do you want a hillside? That might be great for Vineyards. You’ve got to factor in all of the things that are nearby all of the things you’re going to have to bring in and a way that you’re going to use the land. So there’s a formula so it’s not ominous, You just have to be aware of it.

But thanks for joining us today on La Cresta Life.