Nuts & Bolts…Buying a Fixer

Welcome back to La Cresta life today in our nuts and bolts series. We’re going to learn about buying a fixer. So the marriage between buying the perfect house, which is very very rare to find and building one from scratch is to buy a fixer by one that’s got good bones and do what you want to it in the case where I’m standing now, we’ve got a lot of Renovations going on these Property Owners bought the house based on location and acreage and view, but it wasn’t quite the house that they wanted. So my husband’s company ABC Sage is tearing off basically the back side of the house and building what these folks want.

So they’re getting the house. They want their saving money because they bought the infrastructure already existed on the property and they’re going to end up with a beautiful beautiful property.

How much are things that you want to think about when you’re buying a fixer-upper are the things that you can’t change such as proximity to the stores and the things that you may want to attend the land itself while it can be improved.

You need to really be happy about the land and the way it sort of already exists. You also need to be happy with the location within the community for those are things you can’t change and you can’t really change the view unless you build two stories on top of one story and create your own few.

But some of the things that will save you money are thinking about buying a fixer and already looking at the infrastructure there maybe irrigation there may Utilities. In fact, there will be if your body fixer so you’re going to save school fees.

So if a house already exist. The original to build which include the school fees the permit fees all the time that it takes to get permits. All of that is mitigated and you can kind of get from a to z a little quicker back a lot quicker than buying and land and building from scratch.

Not that that’s not fun and we talked about that and future episodes. So long story short and buying a fishes you can save time you can save money got to have a master plan. You got to have a little patience, but it can be a real when especially when inventory is tight and you’re not finding the exact time that you want think outside the box a little bit get creative and see if you can’t put your next stamp on something that already exists.

Thanks for joining us on the crystal life from the fixer on the plateau we’ll see you next time.