Meet our Neighbor…Deluz!

Hey y’all. Welcome back to La Cresta life. I just couldn’t help myself today. I was driving through an adjacent Community adjacent to La Cresta and the Santa Rosa Plateau.

It’s a beautiful area called Deluz and today I am just going to show you around a little bit. You’re just going to love it, it is so green and beautiful. You’re not going to believe your eyes.

Welcome to Deluz. It’s next door to La Cresta and the Santa Rosa Plateau communities. It’s still 5-acre minimums like the plateau. It’s right next door but a little bit more known for farming avocados. There are all kinds of citrus and the sexiest thing in town, olives. There is amazing olive oil coming out of this region. It’s so pretty out here. I can’t help myself. So I just stopped in the middle of the road and there’s not very many cars on the road.

Let me tell you this place few and far between and it is time for the farmers to be getting off about 3:30 here and the crops out here are just fantastic. I think I can point out avocados, which Deluz has always been known for. Avocados, tons of avocado orchards that are replanted and again, I think this is what I mean here looks like new citrus and not sure which kind but back behind me over there. You can see the crops going up the mountain and up that mountain right there is the little connector road because up there is La Cresta and the communities of the Santa Rosa Plateau.

So we love Deluz. It’s like our little sister community. So we come down that little road and plop down into this very different but still lots of space and natural wonder. Ocean breezes and every kind of crop you want to grow and all the land that you need to do it on. So I would highly recommend checking out Deluz when you’re in this area because it’s got a little bit of a different feel. It’s not as horsey as La Cresta, but it’s very pretty and very, very green and people are making some pretty darn good stuff out here.

This map gives us an idea of where we are in Deluz. You can see La Cresta, La Cresta Highlands, Santa Rosa West, Meadow Oaks,  and The Trails. Then over here where I said we drop down to a little road,  a little windy and steep little road that drops into this whole area is Deluz. We were driving all through it and then we came back up the little windy road and went back home and the right about now we are right over here. So we’ve had a fun day riding around DeLuz, went back up to through the Plateau and back to my office.

So we’re back from our little day trip to Deluz, not even really a day trip, it’s like 15 minutes. I just got caught up in how beautiful it was and I couldn’t stop taking pictures and showing you that beautiful farmlands of Deluz. So I will go there again soon and check out some of the olive oil that’s being made there.

But in the meantime, I just want to thank you for visiting me at La Cresta life, and we’ll see you again real soon.