Meadow Oaks on the Santa Rosa Plateau

Welcome back to La Cresta Life. Today, we’re in Meadow Oaks.

Welcome to La Cresta Life. So technically we are in Tenaja. Tenaja is not an HOA, it’s a community service district. So, there’s a little pocket here called Meadow Oaks. They have their own gate, it’s guarded with a real live person and it’s a little loop, a small community that you can see the map on my website, but we’re going to take a little cruise around here today and let you see Meadow Oaks.

So I did say it is a little more manicured, right? Definitely a little more formal, a little more traditional. It’s all 5-acre minimums, just like the rest of the plateau. Remember we have 5 HOAs and one community service district. This one is an HOA with the minimum 5 acres and the common thread here is that they tend to have a lot of ponds. Not sure why, but in Meadow Oaks, people have their own private ponds.

Well, that’s it for Meadow Oaks. We’ve got a little fun we got some ponds, we got some friends back here. Yes, they have horses in Meadow Oaks, and here they come to say hello.

Anyway, thanks so much for being with us. We’ll see you next time on La Cresta Life.