La Cresta Highlands – Where Ronald & Nancy Reagan rode

Welcome back to La Cresta Life. Today I’m taking you to La Cresta Highlands. This is where Ronald and Nancy Reagan used to ride.

Welcome to La Cresta Life the prettiest streets up here it’s one of my favorites.

It’s got a lot of ancient oaks many of them are Engelmann Oaks which are a wonderful part of our heritage here. They’re protected and are very special. Indigenous to this region which makes it really really rare. You can see that it’s a lot of fencing and trails.  There’s a horse trail right over there and that takes you through the trail easements. There’s a whole system up here you and  you can go for miles and miles. If you do horses this is a great place to live and if you don’t do horses, still a great place to live.

Okay folks we made it to the top. This is the top of La Cresta Highlands this is the view that looks down into the Tenaja Valley and we will go there in an episode or two. You can see Catalina in that direction on a clear day and you can see Oceanside. You can actually see the tower at Oceanside on a clear day. So right now we are probably 12 or 13 miles as the crow flies from the ocean and if you drew a line in that direction you would know clearly where we would be right around Oceanside, San Clemente. So we’re about as high as it gets up here folks.

Well I’d like to thank you for joining me in the highlands today. I did want to sign off with just a little tiny pebble. Did I mention rock? Yep, well you’ve got the boulders up here this is what I love about La Cresta Highlands it’s got a mix of some of that horse property that I showed you down below and then it’s got these massive boulders and killer views. Kind of got it all, so I’ll be signing off from La Cresta Highlands until next time on La Cresta Life