Kelly’s “Nickel Tour” of Santa Rosa Plateau

Hey y’all. Welcome back to La Cresta life !  Today, I’m going to tell you all about the way

I like to show new Buyers the Santa Rosa Plateau. I call it my “Nickel Tour”.

The reason for my Nickel Tour is that I hear from my buyers all the time when they are looking at different properties online. They’re trying to figure out…Are there elevation at this property? Where is it located within the community? Which HOA is it in? Is it far back? Is it close up? How far is it from the grocery store? And since this Plateau is so large and there are so many varying aspects of it, I really love to take them for a ride or caravan, and we go and look at the Plateau from a 30,000 foot view. We drive the whole thing, through the different HOAs, which are La Cresta, La Cresta Highlands, Santa Rosa West, Meadow Oaks, the Trails and Tenaja.

They get the high-level view.  If they’re from out of state or from out of town, when they go back and start looking at properties online, it gives them a sense of where that property is. So I give them a kind of a guideline from a high-level perspective. I’ll show you a map back at my office, which is located right here in La Cresta.

Welcome to my office. I actually share the office with, my general contractor husband, who does renewable energy, whole-house generators, and general construction. It used to be our guest house and we use it as our office now.  Here is the map of the entire Plateau. It even bleeds over into Deluz, but I’m going to focus right now just on the La Cresta area…So, you get off the 15 freeway, which is right here. And you come up Clinton Keith, then you jump on Avenida La Cresta and it winds around to all the different communities.

This yellow is La Cresta, and that’s what the whole Plateau tends to be called. This first one that you pass by is The Trails at Santa Rosa. Then you you go through La Cresta and you end up in La Cresta Highlands and Santa Rosa West, which is a little bit different because it’s 10-acre minimums. Everything else is 5 acres minimum – we’re very spread out!  This is Tenaja, which is a community service district and not really an HOA. It has a few rules like an HOA but less rules.  Here we have Meadow Oaks, which is in Tenaja. It’s a gated community with a live guard gate.

So, when I start talking to Buyers, if they’ve got little kids that go to school down in here in Murrieta, they might want to be in this part of La Cresta, since they may be going up and down the hill frequently. Here along Clinton Keith are all the restaurants, Rite Aid, etc. Just past the freeway, you’ve got one of our major hospitals – Inland Valley.  If you want to take a road before you get to the freeway, you can go into Historic Old Town Murrieta – you can see It’s really close. Everything is really close and convenient, with very little traffic.

In my Nickel Tour, we drive all around the Santa Rosa Plateau and talk about the different aspects along the way. We discuss things like: Tenaja being the furthest area; the gated area of Meadow Oaks; how, if you more space, you might like it here; if you feel like you want a little bit more density or a little more views you might end up here or here; if you’re super horsey, you might want to end up here or here or over here as well.

You can see that when buying on the Plateau, it is really important to have agents that you’re working with who really know the area.  I like to consider myself an expert  – I would think after 19 years! I really want to help you find the right home – not just on the Santa Rosa Plateau – but the right home in the right area of the Santa Rosa Plateau.

I’d like to extend an invitation to everyone that wants the Nickel Tour to contact me.  We can do it before you start shopping on the Plateau, or if even if you’ve already started shopping. I’m happy to share all of my inside information.  My tour is a great place to start and an opportunity for us to get to know each other, as we try to find your dream property.

Call me any time.  [bark bark]…Those are my dogs.

Thank you for joining me on La Cresta Life! We’ll see you next time.