Cruising La Cresta, where distancing is fun!

Welcome back to La Cresta Life.

We’re going to get a little air today. We’re going to ride Scout. That’s my ATV that seats 6.  Come on down. Let’s go for a ride.

Well, I didn’t even make it out of the driveway because  I wanted to tell you where we’re going.

This is La Cresta. Remember that there are several HOAs, We call then POAs. La Cresta is the first and the one that’s closest up to the front and also  is the largest and it happens to be the one I live in so, this is where we’re starting. That little valley down, that is where we are going on our little ride with Scout.

The street were on now has got a ton of flat and usable. The whole street is pretty much flat with horse ranches on both sides. You can see the horse trails that basically they go up to the mountains through the Enchanted Forest. Word has it that you can actually ride as in, physically able to ride all the way to the ocean from here on a horse. Pretty fun.

So I’ve mentioned before that we grow grapes up here on the plateau, really good grapes. That is the local wineries make wine with some of them. This one behind me, this 60 acre ranch farm happens to be for sale and it is a winery with all of the land and a beautiful estate. So if you’re interested give me a call and we can get in and show it to you. But this is an example of the beautiful wine growing area that we live in. Cheers.

Thanks for taking a ride with me through La Cresta today. Next time, we’ll hit the other HOAs and we’ll have some fun. Until next time on: La Cresta Life.