Installing Solar On Your Plateau Property Requires An Expert, Who Is Adept At Navigating The Unique Logistics Here. would like to introduce you to abcSAGE, a local company with a robust list of credentials, and has installed over 50 Plateau ground-mounted, barn-mounted, roof-mounted – and even built carports to support solar PV systems.   

They also manage all of the solar at USMC Base Camp Pendleton and other US military bases.

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This local company, abcSAGE, Inc.,is comprised of a talented team and founded by Steve Fulgham, Plateau resident since 2002 and a visionary General Contractor.  He is also a subject matter expert for the State of California Contractors Board and the California Court System.  With his hands-on experience, intellectual knowledge and resume of certifications and licenses, he is  truly one of California’s most accomplished solar PV professionals.

Steve is a true Renaissance Man, as comfortable in the seat of a Caterpillar as he is in the seat at his computer. He has succeeded in building one of the most robust resumes in the construction and renewable energy industry, holding California Contracting licenses in the following classifications: A (General Engineering Contractor), B (General Building Contractor), C10 Electrical Contractor, and a C46 Solar/Renewable Energy. Steve is also double certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners [NABCEP], the “gold standard” within the solar industry and is a registered Subject Matter Expert for the State of California.


Previously, he co-founded The Veteran Asset (TVA) a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission was helping U.S. military veterans obtain careers in the renewable energy sector.  He was also a Senior Vice President for Computer Associates.

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Services Offered


All sizes, all budgets.  Local means equipment is here on the Plateau and prices you won’t beat.  Neighbors installing for neighbors.  It’s a good combination.


Don’t let a malfunctioning or damaged system sit idle – that’s money you’re losing. If your solar energy system is damaged or loses efficiency, give us a call.   We always have technicians living and working on the Plateau, so we are only a quick phone call away.



We are honored to maintain all of the solar at US Marine Corp Base Camp Pendleton & other US military bases.

We have a specific expertise in O&M.  Is your system running a peak efficiency? Photovoltaic solar systems are comprised of many components, including: solar panels, inverters, disconnects, meters, as well many connections and wiring runs. If any link in this chain stops working at its peak, your solar energy system will under produce. For a minimal fee, abcSAGE will come out and conduct a thorough written assessment of your system including Drone photography (or video), and thermal imaging.  This assessment will show what your system should be producing based on the components, orientation, tilt, and other factors.


Do you have a system that was installed by another company that has gone out of business or lacks excellent customer service? If you are concerned about the production of your solar energy system and would like and audit.


If your solar system does not include remote monitoring, there may be an opportunity to add a solution.  Monitoring systems make it easy to assess if your system is operating a peak efficiency.  abcSAGE can add a monitoring solution to your existing solar system, make the necessary connections at your home and activate your monitoring through your internet service.  After that, our team will also have access, if you desire, to check your system for its functionality, often eliminating the need for service calls.


Installing a new roof, need to get the solar panels out of the way for a remodel or re-roof? Are you moving and would like to take your solar investment with you? abcSAGE knows the safest way to remove and package solar components for safe storage and transport.  When you are ready to re-install the system, abcSAGE can put the system back as it was, or help you integrate the system into a design for your new home.



Solar and electric cars are the perfect combination. Whether you have solar on your home or not, contact us to find out how abcSAGE can install a fully functional electric car charger for any electric vehicle you own.