La Cresta and the other Santa Rosa Plateau associations still have plenty of raw 5-20 acre parcels on which to build your Dream Property.  There is also, at any one time, a plethora of existing home from which to choose.


In general, building in La Cresta is relatively straight-forward.  Choosing a parcel is step one, and should be done carefully, as many variables exist.  When you are ready to build, you will be governed by the County of Riverside Building Department, who will help you navigate everything from Soils Engineering to Grading to Construction.


Many existing homes have great bones, and just need to be brought current, or re-created completely.  A good General Contractor will be able to advise you on what can and cannot be done.  Up here, this conversation is not just about the house…it is generally about all the other amenities, as well.  The property may lend itself to a barn, arena, pool, guest house…   You want to look at the entire building envelope to plan for its full potential.