Birthdays – Santa Rosa Plateau Style!

Welcome back to La Cresta Life.

We are doing birthday is right up here on the plateau. This one’s the drive-by.

This is what our community is all about. One of our great local residents is such a wonderful man. He’s turning 80 today, and we’re still not Gathering. So what is our community do? we do a parade.

So this is a drive-by parade. We brought scout out. There is my hubby Steve and we drove from our Ranch over to this Ranch so that we can wish this wonderful fellow a happy birthday. Happy birthday, Bob.

We got to know our neighbors in all kinds of different ways up here where they provide education for 3rd graders and I think 11 School District they come up here for a day in nature. So we’re all raising money constantly for this fantastic and ever and this guy is Mr. Wonderful. He’s always volunteering

I’m signing off from the birthday party drive by. We’ll see you next time on La Cresta Life