5 Great Reasons To Call Temecula Home

 La Cresta Real Estate - 5 Great Reasons To Call Temecula Home

Moving to Southern California is a dream for people all around the world. From gorgeous beaches and sunny days to the glamour so often shown in the media, it’s easy to see why. However, when the area consists of 58 counties and dozens more cities, it can be hard to decide which city is the best to live in. The choice is easy when you consider all that the homes in the Temecula area have to offer.

1. The Schools Are Safe

Temecula’s schools rank in the top 20% of California’s schools for both environment and test scores. Nearly every school within Temecula’s city limits has a rating of at least 8/10. The city itself is one of the safest in Southern California, and the school systems mirror that safety. While you’ll still want to lock your doors and take your valuables out of your car at night, most people say they feel safe walking alone after dark and violent crime reports are low in the area.

2. The Weather Is Beautiful

If you want to live somewhere that is sunny and gorgeous nearly all the time, you can’t beat Temecula. During the winter, cold mornings make way to comfortable afternoons, sometimes with just a bit of rain. Summer months typically reach about 90 degrees and are perfect for pool parties, cookouts, and enjoying the range of outdoor activities in the area. The weather is sunny most of the time, and the beach is only about a 25-minute drive away.

3. There Is Always Something To Do

Temecula is an excellent city for people who love to be on the go and find new adventures at every corner. The city is home to lots of vineyards, one of which has been named the best California State Winery at least three times. A truly magical experience awaits residents each year at the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival. The balloons launch at sunrise and sunset and tethered rides are available. Other adventures in Temecula include the Pechanga Resort and Casino, the Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival, the Temecula Street Painting Festival, and nearly 40 different parks and recreational facilities.

4. The Homes Are Affordable

Even with an increase in pricing in the last year, Temecula remains one of the most affordable cities in Southern California. Homes in the area cost a median price of just more than $660,000. The city’s 20 different neighborhoods include hundreds of homes for sale, with some of the most popular neighborhoods being Wolf Creek and Margarita Village. From two-bedroom, one-bathroom homes to lavish homes with a private bathroom or every bedroom, there are homes to suit any style and family size in the city.

5. The Area Is a Solid Investment

Excellent schools, safe streets, affordable homes, and plenty to do make living in Temecula a solid investment. If you want to raise your family in the city, you can rest easy knowing that your family will feel safe calling Temecula home. Perhaps you plan to create an investment portfolio based in the area. Whether you sell homes or plan to rent yours out, you’ll always find people interested in your investments in such an attractive area.

When you decide that Temecula is the right city for you to buy your next home in, you’ll need an experienced realtor. Look for someone who is knowledgeable about the area, licensed, and has a strong reputation with his or her former clients, like the Realtor’s at La Cresta Real Estate.