4th of July in La Cresta

Hi  y’all welcome back to La Cresta Life. Today is 4th of July. EPIC day today at the plateau. Unfortunately, Covid had a different story for us, and we didn’t get our parade–so we decided to go out. I got my mama with me. We decided to go out and we’re gonna make our own little parade in a minute and we’ll take you with us.

Well, I’m feeling kind of lonely on his fourth of July. This is the parade route. Our community, on the 4th of July is so amazing. It is one of the most and charming days that we do is Fourth of July. So generally right behind me, there will be horses, antique cars, mini horses, many donkeys, little tiny carriages, fire trucks, tractors, kids, swim teams marching bands all kinds of crazy, crazy, crazy stuff marching down the street.

We didn’t get that today.  Covid kinda squashed it for us, but we’re still paying homage to this wonderful day in La Cresta on the plateau and this great Fourth of July. So God Bless America. Sorry, you’re not here to see all the glory which is normally right here–next year for sure. I’ll get this for you and see you soon.

Well my expectation for you guys was to show you Fourth of July on the plateau. It is such a special day. It happened about 9 in the morning and the parade happens and then we generally have a party afterwards and and then there are fireworks that can be seen from parts of the plateau.

So we really carved this day out as a a day to be on the plateau on our home turf and this year, it didn’t happen. But it will in the  future and you can just see a little bit of the Parade route and envision our floats, little horses and little mini donkeys and kids and bands and walking people and tractors and trailers and cars that are dressed up. It’s so cute.  It is so Mayberry and it’s one of the best days ever and a next year, we will bring it to you live. But I for now,  we sign off from Fourth of July here on the plateau.

Thank you for visiting us at La Cresta Life. We’ll see you next time.