4 Tips To Help You Sell Your Luxury Home

La Cresta Real Estate - 4 Tips To Help You Sell Your Luxury Home

Luxury homes for sale aren’t uncommon in the state of California. This means standing out is the key to ensuring your home sells for the price it deserves. Before you create your listing, ensure you’ve done everything you can to make it stand out from a sea of other high-end properties.

1. Create High-Quality Visuals

Photographs and videos of your home are the first things potential buyers will notice. Before creating the visuals to sell your home, prepare it by hiring professional cleaners. Depending on your style, you might also consider a home stager. He or she can strategically place small pieces of furniture, artwork, or other items to make your space more appealing.

Once your home is picture-perfect, work with a professional photographer to get the shots you need. A good real estate photographer will take photos of every room and from every angle using either natural light or high-quality photography lighting. In addition to photos of the bedrooms, bathrooms, and other living spaces, use imagery of the front and backyards too. For added appeal, work with a real estate videographer to create a virtual tour.

2. Market on Social Media

You might not think to try to sell your home on social media but it’s important not to overlook such a powerful marketing tactic. Several tactics have proven effective. Does your home have a special feature that isn’t common even among other luxury homes? Create a post about it. Include a picture of the feature, a description of why it’s so special, and a link to your home listing.

Another proven way to entice people into viewing your home listing is to highlight the great things about your neighborhood. Are there amazing schools? Is there a beautiful park or an excellent local coffee shop? Post about them and tag them in your content. In many cases, the business owners appreciate the publicity you provide and share your post in return.

3. Organize a Brokers-Only Open House

If you decide to hold an open house, do so for brokers only. This allows professionals to have “insider knowledge” regarding your home and its best assets when they talk to potential buyers. Avoid holding a public open house, though. For one thing, public open houses for luxury homes can become quite crowded because people may come to tour out of pure curiosity. Unfortunately, others may come to survey your valuables with plans to burglarize you. A brokers-only open house ensures you work with professionals and protects your family and your valuables in the process.

4. Hire a Professional Realtor

Selling a luxury home on your own can feel overwhelming, especially if you still need to focus on work, kids, and other responsibilities. Ensure you’re making the most of your sales listing by working with a professional realtor who is experienced in marketing luxury homes. Look for an agent who has a good reputation among luxury sellers, represents themselves professionally, and has proven marketing skills. Your agent should be assertive but friendly, communicate well with you and potential buyers alike, and of course, be licensed.

Remember, patience is the key. Even high-end homes usually don’t sell overnight. Excellent imagery, a strong social media presence, and working with an experienced realtor will help to speed the process along, though. Before you know it, you’ll be moving on to your next big adventure. Contact La Cresta Real Estate for concierge service to sell your luxury home at (951) 837-1650.