3 Factors Realtors Consider for Turning a Home Into Every Buyer’s Dream Home

La Cresta Real Estate - 3 Factors Realtors Consider for Turning a Home Into Every Buyer's Dream Home

Anyone seeking to buy a dream luxury home has specific requirements. Although everyone’s idea of the perfect home is different, some features can override others and inspire buyers to move forward with a purchase. Realtors frequently find the following three factors can tip the scale to make a home everyone’s dream home.

1. Scale

First impressions are lasting and can make or break a deal. Realtors work hard to maximize a home’s impact and the way it makes potential buyers feel when they see it for the first time. A house initially seeming too large or small can immediately disqualify it from most buyers’ consideration, even if it is actually a suitable size. Various factors can contribute to misconceptions about a home’s size, but the most significant one is the scale and layout of its furnishings.

Experienced realtors work with staging experts to remove furnishings that create an incorrect impression of a room’s scale and replace them with others that are in proportion with it. For example, placing a large sectional sofa against the walls of a tiny, square room can overwhelm the space, while replacing the sofa with a smaller settee set at an angle to a wall can create an illusion of more space. Likewise, the strategic placement of wall shelves can focus the eye away from a high ceiling in a narrow room.

2. Private Views

One feature that most dream homes have in common is a spectacular private view. Whether this means watching the ocean from a bedroom balcony in Malibu or the canyons from a sitting room in Beverly Hills, a breathtaking, unobstructed private view to enjoy can take precedence over other features for anyone looking to buy a dream luxury home. In light of this, realtors may recommend making structural changes to a house to enhance stunning views when homes are challenging to sell. For example, tearing down a wall or redesigning the landscape can inspire buyers to overcome their hesitancy and transform a once-overlooked home into every buyer’s dream home.

3. Amenities

Luxury homes are different from other homes because they have features that more modest homes do not have. Here again, ensuring that a home has a healthy dose of luxury sometimes helps buyers overlook less-than-ideal qualities.

Realtors specializing in selling luxury homes know it is not enough for a home to have specific amenities; they must be exceptional. Perhaps a luxury home for an equestrian in La Cresta features a private cottage near the property’s stables to accommodate a horse trainer or guests at a private riding party. A personal spa and home gym may be on the dream home wish list of health-conscious people who would prefer to care for themselves using the products, equipment, and methods they can customize to their preferences.

The right features can transform a home into a dream home that anyone would want to purchase. Contact us when you are ready to buy a dream luxury home. We are here to help make your dream a reality.