Is your dog vaccinated for rattlesnakes?


Our beautiful Plateau is home to wildlife of all kinds.  The animals all play a role in our eco-system.  Yes, including rattlesnakes.  While we don’t want to run into them and certainly hope our pets steer clear, they are a part of country life, and we must take steps to mitigate their risk.

Each Spring, local vets are quite prepared to provide rattlesnake vaccine.  It is a quick injection and is extremely cost-effective – cheap insurance against having to, in the event of a bite, pay $1000s on emergency vet bills.

If your pet has not had the vaccine, plan on  2 to 3 injections the first year.  After that, it is just one.

Remember that if you are building projects around your property, you increase the sightings of our scary friends.  Whether you are moving dirt and boulders or not, keep a keen eye out.

And, get those fur babies vaccinated.  For $35-45, it is the best insurance around!