#1 Real Estate Agents in La Cresta California

Kelly Smith and Jake Ralston are the number one real estate agents in La Cresta California, based on their 2020 units and volume statistics.

Murrieta Calif. – Kelly Smith and Jake Ralston proudly earned the #1 title in real estate sales by volume and units in 2020 in La Cresta California and the Santa Rosa Plateau. They sold 16 units in 2020, for a total of $17,100,000 in volume.

Residents of La Cresta California who are thinking of selling their homes, or individuals who are thinking of moving to these areas, are encouraged to speak to the go-to real estate agents for these areas. Kelly Smith and Jake Ralston sold enough units last year to make them the number one real estate agents in the area for 2020.

Kelly Smith first became a real estate agent in the mid-2000s. She is passionate about selling homes on the Santa Rosa Plateau. She also works closely with her husband (who owns a high-quality residential construction company) to develop any type of land buyers want. Together, they help clients build or buy their dream ranch properties. Smith brings unrivaled knowledge and passion for La Cresta real estate to the table. She loves helping her clients find the same passion on the Plateau.

Jake Ralston is the founder of Ralston Real Estate Group. Ralston follows in the footsteps of his mother and grandfather and is a third-generation real estate professional in his family. He obtained his first broker’s license in Oregon. After that, he moved to Santa Barbara California, and quickly rose through the ranks to become a top real estate agent.

Both Smith and Ralston partner together to help people find their dream properties in La Cresta and on and around the Santa Rosa Plateau. They are highly successful and respected real estate agents with decades of combined experience. Those who would like to purchase or sell property in La Cresta or on the Santa Rosa Plateau are invited to reach out to Smith and Ralston online at https://www.lacresta.com/contact or by phone at 951-837-1650 or 805-455-9600.


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